If you have a website, a blog, a Facebook page, and a LinkedIn page, that’s good, because those are essential. However, that can’t be where your internet marketing efforts end. Marketing is always an ongoing project, and the next logical step for many marketers is doing more with video. Almost 25 percent of all global mobile bandwidth is now used by people watching YouTube. If you’re not creating marketing videos for your own YouTube channel, you’re missing out on some genuinely promising marketing opportunities.

According to YouTube’s own statistics, YouTube now has over a billion users. It reaches more people ages 18-to-49 than any cable network in the United States. The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40 percent just since March 2014. YouTube marketers are finding ways to build relationships, build trust, and deliver useful content. An attorney might calmly and precisely explain the consequences of a particular criminal conviction. An appliance parts warehouse might show you how to replace a heating element in your oven. Both are providing genuinely useful information and establishing trust without direct selling. It can be quite effective marketing. Along with a YouTube channel, your videos should be linked to your Facebook page, and you may want them as part of your blog and website too.

A good internet marketing company can provide complete video services – from writing to lighting – along with making sure that your video is posted, linked to, and easily found. Always focus on engaging your viewers and providing practical content. Try to post something so good that people will share it with others. Your YouTube channel should concentrate on your area of expertise and help you stand out from the crowd. An internet marketing company can provide everything you need to get started, so make the call promptly to have your questions answered and learn more about internet video marketing.