Nothing is wrong with traditional marketing methods – yellow pages ads, radio and TV spots, and billboards – but to reach younger potential clients, you must be on the internet. However, if your website is just a digital version of your yellow pages and television advertising, it won’t help you much. Younger customers are looking for businesses and service providers who have an “active presence” on the internet. That’s going to take some time – and some thought – to establish, and you should have help from the marketing professionals at a well-established internet marketing agency.

Social media is now the predominant way many people under thirty communicate. They turn to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to get news, weather, information about upcoming events, and information about products and services. Before purchasing products or services, these savvy young consumers will scan over your website, read your reviews, and determine if their friends – or friends of friends, or others they trust – were satisfied with your product or service. Especially when hiring a professional – a doctor, financial advisor, real estate agent, or attorney – young consumers today take pride in being thoroughgoing researchers and smart consumers.

How do you establish an “active” online presence? Obviously, you need your own, comprehensive website, and you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Frankly, you need to do more than “be” there. You need to be active on Twitter and Facebook, posting and tweeting several times a week. You need to have an up-to-the-minute blog. You need to link everything back to your website and coordinate your marketing across the internet. You need to answer questions, engage readers, and demonstrate that you are a real person who has the answers that your online visitors seek.

Let a professional internet marketing agency help. A good marketing agency can design your websites and other pages, write your content, including your blog posts, and create videos, podcasts, and all of the other marketing tools you need. You can reach the under-thirty consumer, but it does take time and effort. Take the first step toward boosting your bottom line and make the call today to an internet marketing agency that can help you reach all of your potential clients.