This is my first video of 2019, so I wanted to show you a really, really cool trick that can help your Facebook ads and posts and whatever you’re doing on social media. It can even help your Facebook messages if you want to use them. This will make them stand out.

If you saw it in my video on YouTube, you’ll understand it a little bit more once I actually show the demo video. But if you saw it on Facebook, then you would have noticed that the text, the actual Facebook post that was promoting this video in the Facebook group, is bold and italic.

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Stand Out

And there’s no setting on Facebook that allows you to create the bold and italic font. So how did I do this? But more importantly, why did I do this?

Create a Pattern Interrupt

Now the reason that I did this is that on Facebook and really marketing in general, you need to create a pattern interrupt with everything that you do. What is a pattern interrupt? People are on their phones and they’re scrolling and scrolling.

You’ve got to do something that’s going to be different. Something that makes you pop out, that makes you grab their attention so that they actually pay attention to what you’re trying to say. And that’s why I do certain things.

I Use Red Bars

I put red bars across the top of my videos or actually put text in there that actually calls out the people that I want to see my videos such as lawyers. A lot of my videos, especially my ads, they have the text in red.

It says, Hey lawyers. And that’s because I’m targeting lawyers. So what you can do with this font on Facebook is that you can make a bold text, you can make italicized text, and you can change the font.

You can do all kinds of cool stuff on Facebook, but most people don’t know how to do it. It’s super simple though. So I’m going to hop over to my computer real quick and I’m going to show you exactly step by step how to do it. So check this out.

How to Create Bold And Italicized Text

I’m going to show you how to make a really cool looking Facebook post that has bold text and italicized font and all types of stuff like that. So here is actually the post that I’m going to use to promote this very video in the lawyer marketing Facebook group.

By the way, if you’re watching this on YouTube and you’re not yet a member of the Lawyer Marketing Facebook group, go to, search lawyer marketing and you’ll see an image that looks like this and join the group. It’s a really cool group. All my videos go to this group first before they ever make it to YouTube.

The Demo

So now I want to change this a little bit. I’m going to go to a website that provides a Unicode text converter, which is pretty neat. Let me show you exactly what this is.

So, the first line of this is this: Want to learn how to make your Facebook posts stand out?

I’m going to copy that. Then I’m going to come to this other website right here. I’m going to paste it right there and you have to click “show.” Now what’s cool about this is that you can take any of these fonts.

I look at all these that are really cool. You can make your text upside down. I mean there are so many different cool things. You can put boxes around it. I’m not going to go crazy. I think some of these are actually kind of hard to read but play around with it.

So let’s go with this. So I’m going to replace this text with this. Then this video is for you. And now just paste it in here. Learn how to make the font bold or italic. Let’s make the font in your Facebook posts and ads bold or italic, or change the font altogether.

How To Use This Technique

Now you can see it posted just like that. Now I normally wouldn’t do three different things. I’d probably use this as the headline because I think that this is a little distracting when everything is a different font. But I might use this as the headline. And then use regular font for the rest of it. So that’s how you do it.