Chase Musser: Would it be helpful to offer a free consultation, “If you call me…” approach to the PSA type of ad on Facebook or post on Facebook?

Andy Stickel: Yes. But you don’t want to call it a consultation. The word consultation should be erased from your brain for the rest of your life. What you should do is you should say, “If you have any questions, send me a message, comment below or give me a call and I’ll point you in the right direction. And if I can’t help you, then I’ll find somebody that can.” It’s the exact same thing as a consultation. But one sounds like a sales pitch and the other sounds like you’re genuinely trying to help.

Nicholas Werker: Yeah. We always say, “Hop on a call. Let’s just talk about this.” Yeah. Consultation sounds very final like you’re actually making the hire when maybe you’re still a little cagey or you’re just looking for information. Nobody wants to be sold on something if they’re not really looking to buy yet. So if you just say like, “Hey, I’m here to talk. If you want to schedule some time with me, I’ll take some time for you. And we can just talk about this. Hop on a call.” That’s my favorite thing.

Andy Stickel: Here’s what I always say, “Talk to the camera like you would talk to a friend.” If your best friend from college called you up and said, “I just got into a car accident,” would you say, “Oh, well, call me Friday and I’ll give you a free consultation”? You wouldn’t do that. So talk to the camera like you would talk to a friend.