I have been promising you a cool tactic that will serve you well if you have reason to track the movements of a person due to a case. This is perfectly legal and ethical. However, the person being targeted will not be happy to discover they are the target of your investigation.

Get A Hint On What Social Media Ad To Run

There are many sites on your computer right now that will allow you to “drop a pin” and find out who has been here and there within the last week. Google Maps is one of the best. Facebook is another, but they do not have to be big names. Drop a pin on local funeral homes or at various schools. How does this help you?

First, if you are looking for clients and you see people who have been in automobile accidents in the past couple of days, this might be a good place to drop an add if you are a personal injury lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer might want to send a sales package to the hit they got from the pin at the jail on a DUI charge. If a person is bringing suit against your client for thousands of dollars for a back injury they claim they got in a car accident, it would be good to know if he lifts weights three times a week at the YMCA. Funeral homes are a good place to track clients if you are a probate lawyer.

What if your client is going through a divorce? You might want to know if the ex is hanging around the child’s school if he is not allowed to. Is he stalking the workplace? There are a lot of reasons the pins can help.

There Are Limits

When you drop a pin, the closest you can get is 1-mile in every direction from the property. When you are dealing with huge amounts of land, like a hospital or a police station and jail, it could be too big to give you the information you want. I am not sure. That is something you will have to learn for yourself. If the people are plentiful in an area, it may be too difficult to track one person. However, as the person is entering or departed it may be okay. In other words, you may have to have more information about the habits and schedule of your target. Every case is different.

Be aware that larger places have more people and it can be frustrating to watch too many people and it does you no good.

This may sound confusing. However, it is easy to do and once you begin, you will find it very useful. I urge you to give it a try. No, you will not be able to use this with every case. But, when it all comes together, the pay-off is grand. Yes, this sounds like some ninja stuff and it kind of feels like it is too. But it is fun and gets the job done, so I say, go for it.