Social Media Marketing for Law Firms in Rural Areas

Here’s another question I just got: “How does your system work for firms in more rural areas? I’m spending a small fortune on AdWords and we’d love to quit writing them checks every month.”

The Benefits Of Needing To Reach Fewer People

Actually, small, rural areas work better because you have fewer people to reach. If you have a thousand people and you’re trying to make yourself the authority on a particular subject, it doesn’t cost nearly as much money to reach a thousand people over and over again as it would to reach millions.

Marketing In Rural Areas Is Easier And Cheaper

If you’re in New York City and you’re trying to reach a city of 3.4 million, it will cost a lot more money to do that. So rural areas are actually a lot easier and it would be a lot cheaper because there are fewer people. I don’t know what your practice area is. But I think that being in a small area would be a lot easier.

There are fewer people so you need to spend less on ads. It’s also easy to get people into the group if you’re doing a Facebook group. It’s good.