The Question

What type of camera do you recommend for filming videos?

My Answer

I have a very, very expensive camera that I recommend for filming videos and I’m going to show it to you. Here it is: It’s an iPhone. And yes, this is all you need. You don’t need a fancy camera. 

I have a fancy camera, I’ve got several fancy cameras and honestly, most of the time, I still just use my iPhone because it’s easier. 

Why I Use My Iphone

Done is better than perfect. That’s the key to this entire thing. I could get perfect audio, perfect video, and all that type of stuff if I set these cameras up. But the reality is that it takes me 45 minutes to set the cameras up and set the lighting up and set the audio up.

And then I have to edit the video and I have to color correct the video. I don’t have time for that! 

What You Should Do

Just pull out your stupid iPhone, record a video and hit “upload.” That’s all you need. And it works really well. The iPhone has good audio on it, it has a great camera, a 4K or 5K camera. 

As long as you’ve got an iPhone 8 or later, actually 7 or later is probably enough. Just use your iPhone. That’s all you need. You don’t need anything fancy.