The Best Video Service To Embed Videos On Your Law Firm’s Website

The question

Do you recommend any video services other than YouTube for embedding videos on your website or is YouTube just fine? I know the embedded videos have the YouTube logo on it so can this be covered up?

My answer

Why we use YouTube (most of the time)

For the majority of our clients, the videos that we put on their website are on YouTube. We do that because Google owns YouTube, and Google has typically rewarded people that used their products in the past. It would make sense that they would. They would prefer that you use YouTube rather than Vimeo.

YouTube and SEO

Vimeo does look a lot cleaner, especially if you have a paid Vimeo account. If it’s for SEO I typically use YouTube. It may not look quite as nice as Vimeo but I’d rather have something not look quite as nice but have a better impact on my rankings.

I don’t know 100% whether this is true. I haven’t actually seen any test correlations that prove that a website will do better if it has YouTube videos as opposed to Vimeo or Wistia videos. This isn’t a scientific test. This is just what we’ve been doing in our agency with our clients. So if anybody has any data on that, I’d love to see it.

When we use alternatives

When we’re not trying to go for SEO, we typically use Vimeo because you can customize the player much better, especially if you have a paid account. We have a paid account for Vimeo.

On some pages where we want a video to actually autoplay we’ll use Wistia. Wistia is a little bit more expensive. It’s about $100 a month and it’s really for marketing. There are a lot of really cool things you can do with Wistia.

In fact, for some of my sales pages and some of my marketing products, we actually want the video to autoplay, so I use Wistia for those.