Whether you’re a corporation, a small business, a professional practice, or even a small local non-profit, you really must protect your websites, clients, and confidential information from hackers and other criminals, now more than ever. They’re everywhere online, and everyone’s a potential target. A substance abuse recovery center near St. Petersburg, Florida, had its website hacked in May by hackers purporting to be anti-American extremists. While it’s only a small news story, and the website was quickly repaired, it’s another reminder that anyone can be the victim of hackers. According to the FBI, the attack on the Footprints Beachside Recovery Center’s website is not an isolated incident.

The real threat, of course, isn’t from vandals who want your website visitors surprised by outrageous messages – as bad as that is. The real threat is from hackers who are trying to steal from you, whether they’re after money or privileged information. Everyone involved in online marketing should have powerful, cutting-edge protection against the malware that hackers use to infect websites. If you don’t have that protection, or if you’re concerned that what you have might not be sufficient, discuss your concerns at once with the professionals at a good internet marketing agency. They can look at your overall internet marketing, determine your security strengths and weaknesses, and make the recommendations that will protect you, your clients, and your websites from hackers and thieves.

Obviously, protecting the confidential information of your clients is your first security priority. The whole point of internet marketing is gaining the trust of prospective clients, so you can’t let anything happen that might damage that trust. Make sure that you have the up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge technology that will shield you from anything the hackers can throw at you. Consult as quickly as possible with a professional internet marketing agency about the reliable and effective protection that’s right for you.