When you want potential customers and clients to find you online, one way to help them is to have plenty of smartly-placed inbound links distributed across the internet. All of your social media accounts and any content that you create should link back to your website. Of course, you’ll want others to also provide links to your site and to like, share, and retweet your content – frankly, as much as possible. But you have to reciprocate. Let a professional internet marketing firm help.

A decade ago the rule about links was simple; acquire all the inbound links you can, and never place outbound links on your own website. Why would you give visitors a reason to leave your site after investing time and money to bring them there? A decade later, the rules have changed for several reasons, and if your website doesn’t offer a few outbound links, Google will start dropping you in the search engine rankings. One of the conditions for a high ranking is that you have at least a few appropriate and high-quality outbound links as well as inbound links. Google now characterizes sites with no outbound links as “dead ends,” and those sites will not be ranked near the top.

Try to place inbound links whenever you speak to the media or write a local op-ed column, Are you part of a civic group, a professional group, a faith community, or some other local organization with an online presence? Opportunities for placing inbound links are abundant once you start seeking them. Your outbound links need to be chosen and placed strategically. They should take your visitors only to sites that provide practical and engaging information that expands on your own content – without competing with your product or service. You always want to link to favorable media articles about you, your products or services, your business, or your professional practice. A professional internet marketing firm can help you with fresh ideas and with any or all of your online marketing needs. Make the call right away, because the internet never closes.