Below we will share with you a conversation between two industry leaders that you will find useful while using social media platforms.

Chase Musser: Once you have a good video and you post it on Facebook, do you separately go to YouTube, LinkedIn, et cetera, and post the video on each website, or is there a way to link them?”

Andy Stickel: You can use Buffer and that will post them to all of them. But I think that, well, YouTube, you may not be able to use it. Wait. What was the question? Was it how to post everywhere?

Yeah. Yeah. Basically, “Once you have a good Facebook video, how do you post it? What’s the best way to post it?”

Andy Stickel: Actually, Chase, do you want to answer that? Because you post more than I do in other places?

Chase Musser: Yeah. Well, we use Buffer to post a lot on Facebook, scheduled posts on Facebook. Yeah. YouTube, you can schedule when you want to have it released but you have to manually upload it on YouTube. So that’s the only thing. But then with Buffer, you can connect Facebook and LinkedIn and Instagram and everything.