You may choose to have a great deal of written text on your website or very little. Obviously, it depends to a great extent on the products or services you offer. But whether the written content on your site is extensive or minimal, it needs to target your most likely prospective clients and be clear, precise, and engaging. Your written content must also function to boost you in the Google rankings. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, consider getting some help with your marketing efforts from a professional internet marketing firm. Here are three basic recommendations for the text on your website and blog posts:

1. Use keywords and phrases abundantly, but naturally. In the earlier days of the internet, Google rewarded keyword-heavy content, but marketers quickly found that using too many keywords makes reading awkward and waters down your message, and they also learned that their competitors could do precisely the same thing. Engaging content that naturally “weaves” a few keywords into your text is the winning approach.

2. Your content must target your prospective clients. Your goal is to “connect” and then to “engage.” Real estate agents can assume their website visitors are at least thinking about buying or selling a property; attorneys can assume their visitors are people who need legal advice or services. When you are writing, you are writing with a specific purpose – connectivity and engagement – for specific readers. Always keep your target audience in mind. Don’t try to reach out to everyone; that only leads to a failure to target anyone.

3. Keep it simple. Avoid technical terms and professional jargon. If you’re an auto mechanic, you obviously are not marketing to other auto mechanics. In fact, you’re marketing to people who probably know nothing at all about automobiles. The same principle applies to realtors, attorneys, and everyone else. Plain, straightforward language is the key.

Let a good internet marketing firm handle your website text, blog posts, and other content needs. You be able to work directly with a professional writer who understands the internet and understands your marketing needs. Online marketing help is here, and there’s no reason to wait. Make the call to an internet marketing firm and get started today.