Uber is probably not something that comes to mind when thinking about ways to market your law firm, but it should be.

Believe it or not, law firms can use Uber advertising to find new clients.

All it takes is finding an Uber driver who is willing to drive a vehicle wrapped in your law firm’s advertising.

Uber drivers travel back and forth across the city all day, so wrapping an Uber car with your branding is a great way to market your law firm.

Some lawyers may be hesitant about spending money on a vehicle solely for marketing purposes.

But, when you break the costs of this strategy down, it’s actually less expensive than many other marketing tactics, including pay-per-click ads and billboards.

How can you implement this legal marketing strategy?

Follow these four steps:

Buy A Car

Invest $10-15k in a reliable car that can be used by an Uber driver to promote your law firm.

It’s best to choose a car with four doors and a large trunk so it can accommodate Uber passengers.

Insure the Car

Next, you will need to get insurance on the car to protect yourself and your law firm.

Uber and other ridesharing companies only provide coverage from the moment that the ride is accepted until the passenger gets out of the car.

So, you will need a commercial policy that covers ridesharing during the times when Uber’s insurance policy is not in effect.

Wrap the Car

Find a local company that can design and apply the wrap to the vehicle.

Be sure to pay attention to the information placed on the back of the car.

Many people read information off of vehicles when they are stuck behind them in traffic, so this is an important advertising spot on the car.

Get An Uber Driver

Ask friends, family members, and employees if they know of anyone who would be interested in this type of arrangement. If this doesn’t work, use Facebook instead.

There are countless Facebook groups for Uber drivers in different metro areas, so find one that is close to you and create a post about this opportunity.

Be sure to highlight the benefits of this arrangement by mentioning the driver will get to use a car for free as long as he or she agrees to pay for gas and work a minimum number of hours per week.

Law firms must be willing to be creative if they want to outshine the competition, and marketing using Uber cars is one way to do so.