The power of the internet and social media to connect people was on full display at the first Republican presidential debate in August. Facebook users were able to ask questions directly to the candidates. Facebook has now also launched “Pages Messaging,” offering new ways for people and businesses to connect. The feature is being promoted as a better way for companies and professionals to connect with clients and customers.

In its own “Facebook for Business” blog post, Facebook says, “There’s a reason many people prefer to communicate with friends and family through private messaging: it’s fast and convenient. And increasingly people want to communicate with businesses in the same efficient way…. Messaging has become a preferred communication channel for people, and now people and businesses on Facebook can start real-time conversations with each other in more ways.”

Pages Messaging, for example, will allow a business to reply to a complaint on its “wall” by privately messaging the dissatisfied customer. A comment will note that the company responded privately so that other visitors to the page will know that the company handled the request. Businesses may also opt for a “Send Message” button on their Facebook advertising. The businesses that regularly respond to clients through Pages Messaging will get a complimentary badge on their page.

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