Time is a limited resource.

I’m always looking for ways to save more time.

The most important thing I can do as a law firm marketer continues to learn. I watch a lot of videos that demonstrate new ideas and marketing techniques. These videos are valuable, but they take up a lot of time.

That is, until I recently discovered a plugin that saves me 2.5 hours each day!

This Plugin Will Change The Way You Learn

I’m going to share with you the FREE plugin that has changed my life.

The plugin is Video Speed Controller. Currently, it’s available for Google Chrome. Most people use Chrome as their browser, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s easy to find in the Chrome Web Store. Simply search for “video speed controller.” You can check out the positive reviews while you’re there.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, be sure to restart your computer to begin using Video Speed Controller.

So how does the plugin work?

If you learn from any videos, like Youtube demos and TED Talks, then you know how long it can take to watch them. Videos are filled with time killers like slow talking, stumbling and dragging out words.

The Video Speed Controller can be used on just about any video player through Chrome. You can even use it with videos on Facebook.

The plugin allows the user to slow down or speed up a video. I find that 2x the speed is perfect for me, but some people can watch it at a faster pace and still retain the information.

You’ll find a toolbar in the top left corner of the video that allows you to control the speed. It’s simple to use and has changed the way I can learn.

Videos that take 40 minutes are reduced to 20 minutes at 2x speed. This means I can watch twice as many videos in the same amount of time it used to take me to watch one.

I’m saving up to 2.5 hours each day with the help of this plugin!

You Can Make Time to Learn!

Busy professionals are always looking to expand their knowledge, but don’t always have the time to do it. Marketers know as well as attorneys do that there is only so much time in the day.

If you use videos to improve your skills and keep up to date with innovations in your industry, then this plugin is the perfect way to save you time. Give this plugin a try and see how much time you save!