SEO alone just isn’t enough any longer, and if you want to remain on the successful edge of online marketing, you might seek some help and advice from a good internet marketing agency. Along with SEO, Google imposes a number of other requirements on those who want to be high in the search engine rankings, and the other search engines follow Google’s precedents. For example, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly now, you’ll start to sink in the rankings. If you aren’t regularly updating your content, you’ll also start to sink in the rankings. And if your website doesn’t provide a few outbound links to other sites, you’ll start sinking for that reason too.

A few years ago, you may have been told that outbound links should never be a part of your website. If you’ve worked hard and spent a few dollars to bring potential clients and customers to your site, you didn’t want to give them an excuse to leave and surf elsewhere. That’s still somewhat true. You certainly don’t want a site filled with outbound links, and you absolutely should never link to a competitor. But for several reasons, you’ll sometimes need to provide a link to another website. The key is choosing those sites carefully and placing the links strategically.

Google penalizes what it considers dead end sites that provide users with no outbound options. Rather, Google and others are committed to the idea that the worldwide web is genuinely a “web” of sites linking endlessly to one another. By providing an occasional outbound link that gives your visitors engaging, authoritative information, you can make Google happy while offering practical and useful content to your potential clients and customers.

Attorneys may choose to link to the texts of statutes, to state agencies, or to specific articles or commentaries. Real estate agents might opt for links to the local Chamber of Commerce, city government, or local attractions. It’s up to you, but be certain that you are linking to quality resources that can help your visitors. For more ideas about staying on the leading edge of successful online marketing, speak with some experts at a professional internet marketing agency. The internet never closes, so make the call promptly.