When you launch a blog, a new website, or an online marketing campaign, don’t be overly concerned at first about numbers, web traffic, and analytics. The amount of traffic to your blog and website and the number of readers is not the final word about your online marketing “success.” If you are consistently interacting with your online friends, likers, and followers, you are building your online reputation and establishing trust. In the long term, a few positive interactions on social media may be worth more than big numbers and good analytics.

Nevertheless, a little understanding of website analytics can help you attract more readers, creating those important opportunities for interaction and trust. Analytics can tell you precisely the number of visitors to your site, how long those visitors are staying on your site, where those visitors are located, and what’s on your site that is drawing their attention. The important numbers to look at are your visitors and your bounce rate. Analytics can tell you how many people visit your site in an hour, day, week, month, or year, how many are first-time visitors, and how much time they spend at your site. Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after viewing only the landing page. If your bounce rate is high, you probably need to be retaining more visitors. Let a professional internet marketing company help.

The numbers provided by analytics can tell you what’s working and what isn’t working on your website, but you may require some help to fix what isn’t working. An experienced, professional internet marketing company can help you keep visitors and help you convert them into clients. The future offers abundant marketing challenges and opportunities for success, but you’re going to need more than analytics. Choose the smart option, and put your online marketing in the hands of the professionals at an experienced internet marketing company. Make the call right away.