What Makes Your Facebook Approach Different


All right, what about your Facebook approach is different from a more traditional Facebook advertising approach?


My Facebook advertising approach is, do not advertise your services. Advertise a solution to a small problem that your potential clients have and then they’ll hire you for the bigger problem.

For example, if you’re a divorce lawyer don’t run an ad that just says – hey are you going through a divorce? Contact me today and I’ll help you with your divorce. Don’t do that. That’s what most people do. Instead, figure out what people want and what are people afraid of. Then what you can do to help them. So, if it’s somebody who is going through a divorce so let’s say they want to move on with their life. What does a person who’s going through a divorce want? They want to get divorced, and move on with their life but, they don’t want to alienate their kids, and they don’t want to screw up their kids.

Then what you do is you create content and you advertise that content. You advertise something that says – hey, here is how you can get a divorce without screwing up your kids. Then you can even put out a free guide or something like that. when they download the free guide, then you follow up from there. What you’ve done is you’ve provided some goodwill.

Bankruptcy, a lot of people are afraid of losing their house but they want to get rid of the debt. You could say – how to eliminate all of your debt. What will we say for bankruptcy? Here’s how to get your head above water and consolidate all your bills into one easy to afford monthly payment without losing your house and without having to sell your car. Instead of saying hey, you should file for bankruptcy. You’re saying here’s how you do this and then you create a free guide or a cheat sheet or something like that that teaches them how to do it then you follow up. You provide value and then they hire you. It works every time. It’s super simple and that’s what’s different.

The traditional form of Facebook advertising that most lawyers do is this. They throw up an ad and I call it the hope and pray method. They throw up an ad and then it just talks about themselves and they hope and pray that somebody sees and contacts them and it doesn’t work. Every once in awhile it does. I mean there’s a saying that every once in a while a blind squirrel finds a nut but those are very few and far between.