The Question:

How long should my video content be? I know you recommend five minutes or five minutes or more for Facebook but what about other videos? Is there a sweet spot for length?

My Answer:

Okay, so the five minutes video is really just for one specific strategy. Honestly, I always say videos need to be as long as they need to be effective. You don’t want a video to drag on and to very just need to be as long as they need to be to be effective. You don’t want to video to drag on and to just be rambling.

Focus On Making Your Videos Effective

You want to basically make sure that your videos are actually effective. So, I wouldn’t worry about a specific length.

If you watch my videos, you’ll see that I’ve got some videos that, if it’s just a quick tip it’s like one to two minutes, maybe two to three minutes. If it’s a more in-depth post, it’s five to 12 minutes long.

Don’t Overthink Your Videos

A lot of times, people overthink videos like, what’s the background, what shirt am I wearing, how long does it need to be, different things like that.

Focus On Providing Value

And the reality is that if you just get on there and you provide value, then that’s the most important thing. If you provide consistent value in your videos then what you’ll find is that the videos end up being the length that they need to be.

I couldn’t tell you really how long my videos are, some of my videos are really short some videos are 20 minutes long. But basically, if you provide value and just focus on creating really good content, then the length will work itself out.

The Only Exception…

The only time I pay attention to video length is when I’m actually doing something like I said before with the authority branding strategy. I’ve covered that strategy many times but basically, that’s the only time I worry about video length.

So don’t worry about it. Just create really good content and just make sure you don’t ramble. I’m guilty of rambling too, I ramble a lot. So, that’s it.