Every year, new online marketing trends emerge as new hardware and software are developed, new companies offer their products, and new user preferences become popular. Those who can get ahead of the trends have a shot at out-marketing the competition; those who fail to act on the new trends can quickly fall behind. It’s always best to discuss your own marketing needs directly with the professionals at an internet marketing company, but you’ll also want to know about the trends that will “dominate” internet marketing in 2016, according to Forbes magazine:

  • Video ads will dominate advertising. Video ads are certainly nothing new, but expect to see more ads popping up in more places. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, the possibilities are fascinating.
  • Get ready for an explosion of apps. 2016 will be the year when more business owners realize the advantages of a dedicated app. Apps can do everything that websites can, and more conveniently.
  • Mobile will completely dominate desktop. In 2015, mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in ten different nations. Desktop traffic could eventually, entirely fade away, so the future will be more about mobile-focused online marketing.
  • Virtual reality devices are here. In 2016, Oculus Rift and other devices will offer new advertising and marketing opportunities that are promising but still uncertain. Wearable “smart” devices will also be more popular – the Apple Watch was only the beginning.
  • Advertising will become more expensive, so sharper and savvier marketing efforts will be needed. Let an internet marketing company help.

Developing trends give anyone who markets online plenty to think about, and if you’re already running a business or a professional practice full-time, you can certainly use some marketing help – someone who can provide any or all of your internet marketing needs. Take the time to discuss your internet marketing goals and needs – and the developing trends – as quickly as possible with the professionals at an experienced internet marketing company.