If you’re a professional, the first question you might ask an internet marketing company is “How can I increase traffic to my website?” Of course that’s important. But equally important is keeping visitors at your site after they’ve arrived there. Are people leaving your site and going to a competitor? To keep potential clients, you need a site that looks good and navigates easily, and you need content that provides the information and the answers that visitors seek. A professional internet marketing company can help you deal with the reasons people may be leaving your website, which might include:

Unattractive website design: Your website design is a direct reflection of your business. If your design is cheap, ugly, or just outdated, it makes you look second-rate, and most new visitors will keep moving.

Poor content: Text that’s thoughtlessly stuffed full of keywords is aggravating to read. A good internet marketing company can provide writers who smoothly work your keywords into an engaging, informative text.

Pop-ups: Don’t use pop-ups except to offer your visitors a chatbox, and even then, make sure visitors can easily close it. Pop-ups are a genuine nuisance, especially when a visitor is in a hurry to find specific information.

Poor video: If it’s blurry, dark, poorly edited, or if the audio and video aren’t in sync, poor video gives a cheap, unprofessional impression. A good internet marketing firm can produce the high-quality video you really need.

Long download times: If your website takes too long to load, people will leave. It’s that simple.

Finally, in 2015, your website really must be mobile-friendly, and you’ll sink in the search engine rankings if it isn’t. Every factor listed here can cause you to lose potential business, but a professional internet marketing company can tweak your website – or create a fresh one from scratch – and help you keep your visitors where you want them – on your own site. For more about internet marketing and keeping your visitors, consult with some internet marketing professionals – as soon as possible.