Here’s The Question:

They’re asking, when they promote YouTube content on Facebook, so they take a video and they want to promote it on Facebook, is it better to upload the video directly to Facebook or is it better to just paste a YouTube link in?

Upload Directly To Facebook

The answer is to upload the video to Facebook and the reason why is because Facebook wants to keep people on their platform. So they’re more likely to share a video that is actually on Facebook that actually can stream in the newsfeed than they are to share a link to a competitor’s website.

They also asked about running an ad. I upload all of my content to YouTube and if you look at my lawyer marketing channel, you see that I don’t ever post a YouTube link. I always post the video directly on Facebook.

And I’ve had some assistants that have posted YouTube links so that would be the only time that you would ever see me post a YouTube link. And then I tell them “Hey, don’t do that.”

Think About What The Platform Wants

You always want to make sure that you think about what does the platform want.  The platform wants you to stay on Facebook. They don’t want to promote something that’s going to take you to their competitor. So you’re going to get the best reach and the best results if you upload directly to Facebook.