While it’s imperative to generate traffic to your website, that’s only the beginning. When visitors arrive at your site, you want to do three things: connect, engage, and convert visitors into clients and customers. Your website analytics can tell you if people are arriving and leaving your website. The “bounce rate” in your analytics is determined by visitors who view only the page they land on and then leave. A high bounce rate (50 percent or higher) means people are leaving your site without engaging or even looking at other pages. What the analytics can’t tell you is why people leave your website. Here’s why:

    • An outdated or unattractive design: Do not underestimate the psychological power of a website’s design. If your design is bland or outdated, a visitor may subconsciously assume that your products or services are equally bland or outdated.
    • Poor writing: If your written content is stuffed with keywords or technical jargon, a visitor probably won’t even try to read it.
    • Insufficient data: Website visitors are looking for something, so you need to ensure that they will find it. Your site doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia, but it must be comprehensive.
    • A lack of responsiveness: A website in 2015 has to load quickly – in about three seconds, honestly – and it has to look good on mobile devices and tablets as well as desktops. More than half of your visitors in 2015 are accessing your website with a mobile device.

Finally, you don’t want to aggravate your visitors with annoying popups or poor quality video. An experienced, professional internet marketing company can help you retain your visitors and deal with all of these issues, from design to content writing to video production. Make the wise choice that thousands are making, and put your online marketing concerns in the hands of a professional internet marketing company. Someone is probably visiting your website right now, so don’t wait to make the call.