Gone are the days of marketing your law firm in the yellow pages or in the newspaper. Today, people “Google it” so it’s essential that attorneys and law firms have a strong online presence.

But if you lack the proper approach, the world of digital and online marketing can fail to bring a strong return on your investment. That’s where you need an experienced digital marketing team, with the refined strategies that are required to help lawyers and law firms to stand out on the web.

One of the most effective internet marketing strategies involves remarketing, which is an approach that targets individuals who have already been exposed to an attorney or law firm’s website, landing page, advertisement or Facebook page. Remember, it’s a well-known fact that it takes an average of 7 exposures to a brand, product or service before an individual takes action, placing a phone call or making a purchase. So, remarketing lets you target this group of individuals in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

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Common Questions: What is Remarketing and How Does it Work?

Remarketing is an online marketing strategy that targets individuals who have already been exposed to an element of your marketing campaign such as your website, landing page, advertisement, mobile app or business Facebook page.

Have you ever noticed that once you visit a particular web page, you happen to notice ads for that exact website? Well, that’s a result of remarketing. It’s all about re-exposing potential clients to your brand image and your services.

Numerous studies have revealed that most people do not make a purchase or choose a service provider on the first exposure to that brand or business. It usually takes repeated encounters with advertisements and website visits before an individual actually takes action. The industry-wide average is 7 exposures, although this figure varies depending upon the exact type of product or service. Remarketing is all about taking this concept and putting it to work for clients like you, targeting ads to a very specific group of consumers who have already encountered your law offices or your legal service offerings.

Online Advertising FAQs: How Do You Use Remarketing With Google AdWords?

Google AdWords advertisements are displayed on search results pages and on independent websites that display Google ads. These ads are tailored to the individual’s location and based upon their prior Google searches and website visits. So, if a person visits law firm websites or searches for queries related to legal services and attorneys, they’ll be presented with ads related to this subject matter – ads such as yours.

Google AdWords offers several remarketing advertising methods, including:

  • Standard remarketing with an attorney’s or law firm’s ads displayed on websites and apps that display Google ads;
  • Dynamic remarketing with ads that include the specific products or services that visitors have viewed;
  • Mobile remarketing, which targets individuals who’ve used your mobile app or the mobile version of your websites;
  • Remarketing for search queries that are performed after leaving your app or website, thereby allowing you to recapture individuals as they perform additional research;
  • Video-based marketing which targets individuals who have viewed your videos on YouTube. They’ll encounter your ads on other videos; and
  • You can even target individuals who have provided their email address. Our team can simply upload these emails into the Google Customer Match interface and whenever they browse while logged in to their email accounts, they’ll be exposed to your ads.

These are some of the many strategies for targeting your potential clients. This advertising approach tends to have a higher success rate when compared to ad campaigns that are targeting individuals who have never been exposed to an attorney’s name or law practice.

Online Advertising FAQs: Is it Possible to Run Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms?

Facebook currently has the most sophisticated advertising interface of all the most popular and mainstream social media platforms. Facebook’s audience is also one of the largest. According to figures from February 2017, Facebook has a monthly audience comprised of 1.86 billion users, with a daily audience of mobile users totaling 1.15 billion – a respective 17% and 23% increase over the prior year’s figures.

With such a large potential audience, Facebook is a very effective marketing platform which includes remarketing opportunities thanks to its Pixel technology. A Facebook Pixel is a small bit of code that is installed on websites for our lawyers and law firms.

This Pixel code connects the website to Facebook, so analytics about your visitors are transferred to the Facebook advertising interface. There, we can create custom audiences using the precise user analytics from your website. This allows us to target Facebook users who have previously visited your website or landing page. We can even target users who have visited a particular page or section of your website, seeking information on a particular service offered by an attorney or legal practice. In short, remarketing allows our social media marketing experts to get even better results for our clients since the people who have viewed the client’s ads are already familiar and are therefore more likely to take action such as calling or emailing to schedule a consultation with our attorneys and law practices.

Building an Online Presence to Help You Grow as a Lawyer or Law Firm

Attorneys and law firms face tremendous competition for a relatively small pool of prospective clients. But the right website, brand identity and online marketing campaign can bring incredible results, far exceeding your expectation in many cases.

Of course, a misguided attempt at marketing on the web can lead to underwhelming results and financial losses. Just as your clients are seeking an experienced legal professional to handle their legal issues, you and your law practice require an experienced team of industry professionals who know what it takes to build a website and online advertising campaign that will bring results. Our narrow focus on both law firms and independent lawyers has allowed us to refine our expertise and strategies in a manner that few can match.

To learn more about Social Firestarter’s remarketing strategies and how our internet marketing campaigns can help you acquire new clients in need of legal representation or other legal services, call 619-607-4300.