Why Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews?


In today’s digital age, most consumers research a product on the Internet prior to making a purchase, hiring a contractor or retaining a professional. When a consumer enters a search query that follows the pattern of “ reviews,” do you know what they will find? When you encourage customers to leave reviews and then ensure that the reviews are properly distributed (that’s where we come in), you can easily control what a potential customer will find about you.


Google pays attention to the number of reviews attached to a particular business’s name, address, phone number and website and figures this number into the search algorithm. Businesses that have more reviews across a wide variety of review sites tend to appear more legitimate (in the eyes of the Google algorithm) and as such consistently appear higher in the rankings. Our review management services make sure the reviews that are being posted are not only positive, but are well distributed..


Social proof is when one’s behavior is influenced by the behavior of other individuals. When someone sees that others have used your product or service and have had great results, they are more likely to follow. This is the beauty of social proof, and it is extremely powerful.

Who Leaves Reviews?

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for businesses to have no reviews, often leading the potential customer to move on to another, more socially proven business. The main reason businesses lack reviews is not poor performance – it’s due to the obstacles that a customer must contend with when leaving a review. For example, to leave a review on Google, the customer must locate your profile, create a Google account or log into his Google account, locate your profile again and then post the review. These steps are often too complicated and most people simply give up — unless they are upset.

Our review management services make leaving reviews simple for your customers and we ensure that they are posted across the most important review networks, including Google, Yelp, Foursquare, City Search and more, which ensures that potential customers feel confident in you from the start.