Why Our Graphic Designers Rock

Custom Designs

Even if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, our designers can create a concept that you’ll love!.


Poor graphic design is a major turn off for most potential clients, both consciously and subconsciously. We ensure that you’ll always look your best!


For the most part, all graphic design is included with our services. However, sometimes elements come up that require a great deal of man hours. In this case, we offer great rates and can work within any budget.

Custom Logo Design and Branding

We’ve all seen bad graphic design – and at one time or another, bad graphic design has influenced your decision to purchase, whether you realized it at the time or not. More than just a pretty picture, graphic design should take your company’s brand, as well as the customer into consideration. For instance, did you know that the color blue, which is often used by banks and financial institutions, creates a sensation of trust and security, while the color orange is often used as an attention grabber as it invokes a sense of aggressiveness and urgency? Did you know that a great logo is describable, memorable, effective with or without color and effective at any size? Do you know how to use the tools required to make these designs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop? We do, we do and we do!

Whether you are looking to create a simple 4×6 flyer or you wish to re-design your entire brand, we have the team that can bring your vision to life. We employ professional graphic designers with years of experience designing for and branding businesses. We work on a flat-rate basis and will make as many revisions as required to get the job finished correctly.


A Google-Safe SEO Strategy

Knowing what not to do is just as important, if not more important, than knowing what to do when it comes to your SEO campaign. One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur SEO companies is over-optimization of a website. A big part of SEO is creating links on other websites that lead back to yours. Without the proper experience, it is very easy to create too many links too quickly, use the incorrect anchor text or create the wrong types of links. These mistakes are extremely costly, resulting in penalties placed on your website by Google and even removal from the search engine results altogether.

We generate high-quality links, using the proper link velocity and anchor text ratios. We also take extra measures that are proprietary to us to ensure the safety of your website.

Getting Started

Your company’s logo is one of the most important assets your business will ever have. A custom logo design defines your brand and makes it stand out from the competition. Your logo should be able to quickly capture the viewer’s attention. It should be unique and recognizable, allowing the viewer to distinguish you from the crowd. Further, your logo should be scalable, meaning that it should be effective whether it is displayed small or large.

Once many businesses create their custom logo, they fail to establish a brand identity. Social Firestarter is a firm that understands the importance of having not only a creative and relevant logo, but also an entire brand that coincides with the logo. Everything from your website to your letterhead to the signage in your office should match your brand. Our branding and marketing experts know what matters. The value of your company’s services and goods are judged by the branding that represents them.

Benefits of a Social Firestarter Custom Branding

  • We offer a unique custom graphic design that stands out among your competitors.
  • We don’t copy and we don’t duplicate.
  • We create an original logo that doesn’t confuse your customers about your brand or what your company sells.
  • We create memorable logos that consumers will recognize instantly
  • We offer you the creative services of our highly skilled designers and their custom artwork.

Graphic Design for Social Media

These days, building an attractive Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page is as important as building an attractive website. The Facebook Timeline photo is one of the most important elements to your page, and we’ve designed tons of them! Need a Twitter header photo and background image? No sweat – we can handle that! Our graphic designing company has the tools and expertise necessary to create the custom graphics that will make your social media pages shine – giving you a sense of professionalism that is lacking in the majority, if not all of your competitors. We can also create custom landing pages and tabs that allow you to add additional features to your Facebook page, and make it function like a website.

Why Hire Social Firestarter?

Our graphic designing company at Social Firestarter utilizes a variety of professional products – like Photoshop and Illustrator – to create vibrant, custom designs for all of your needs. The impact of rich prints and creative designs for a business cannot be overemphasized enough. The right printed material allows you to maximize your company’s marketing and optimize your ROI. Regardless of the print and logo designs your company has now, we can revamp and improve them today.