Benefits of Our Local SEO Company


Local SEO allows you to appear on the maps section of Google, which is placed on or near the top of the first page of the search results.


Often, we can make your listing stand out by displaying stars associated with positive reviews found on your Google Places account.


Using our Local SEO Company also has a positive effect on your website’s organic rankings, creating more visibility overall.

What is Local SEO?

Our Local SEO Company is very different from traditional search engine optimization as it is designed to allow you appear locally due to the fact that your business offers a product or service and is geographically close to the searcher.

When a user searches, their location is identified using their IP address and results local to the user are displayed. For example, if someone searches “personal injury attorney” in Irvine, California, a list of attorneys in Irvine will be displayed.

Getting Found in Google Places

or most of our clients, getting them found by searchers in their geographic region is our top priority. There are two different places that you may appear: in the organic listings and on the maps: we work diligently to make our clients appear in both places.

Your Google Places profile plays a pivotal role in your local search engine optimization. Google relies heavily on it when placing your business in the local listings and we know the secret to completing this profile in such a way that Google loves.

Local Citations

Local citations are to local search engine optimization as backlinks are to traditional search engine optimization. Local citations are classified as your business’ listings on other websites such as Yellowpages, Foursquare, Dex Knows, etc. We add or update your business’ information to more than 125 websites, creating a large number of local citations for your business. We then reverify the listings every month to ensure that they are always up to date! Do you have more questions? Give us a call at (619) 607-4300!