Our Mobile Websites Are Awesome Because


Our mobile website design company is designed to load in place of the desktop website when server detects that the user is browsing using a mobile device.

Designed for Conversion

Your website will look great, but a great looking website is worthless if it does not inspire users to make a purchase or book a consultation. We incorporate proven elements and techniques designed to increase conversions, which leads to increased revenues.


Our sites are designed to be extremely flexible, allowing components to be easily added, removed or changed. This flexibility is essential to the ongoing marketing of your site as A/B testing elements of your website to determine which elements convert the best is an essential part of the marketing process.

Custom Website Design

Every company needs a functional yet professional looking website that will generate business. Your website is how your potential clients and customers perceive you, no matter what you think. Does your website accurately represent you and your brand?

Gone are the days when you can only get the best designs and functionality from the big guys – as a matter of fact, they charge too much, take too long and don’t pay you the personal attention that you’ll get from us. Why settle for a cookie cutter template when you should have a custom designed, search engine friendly website?



The attention span of today’s customer is limited. Social Firestarter is a web design company that provides you with more than just a fresh, current look. It will be fast, fully functional and based around the needs of your business today and in the future. Your website will grow with your business and maintain effectiveness on the search engines, even as they change.

Our search engine-friendly website designs and services create a customized, unique solution that is tailor-made to your company and your brand. We offer you:

  • Unique graphics
  • Engaging designs
  • Clear, user-friendly interfaces
  • Website maintenance plans
  • Quick loads
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform capabilities


Conversion is the most important statistic on your website, and perhaps the most difficult to improve. All of the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if no one makes a purchase or picks up the phone to book a consultation. Conversions are a major focus of our marketing campaign, and we spend just as much time working to get customers to convert as we do creating the elements necessary to get them to your website.

Unlike other companies, when we launch your site our work is not complete. In fact, it’s just beginning. When your website is launched, we immediately begin examining your website traffic and the habits of your visitors. We examine everything from how the website’s most popular pages to how many people on mobile phones clicked on your contact page and everything in between. Armed with this knowledge we can make adjustments to various calls to actions and element designs to improve conversions. Only after testing the major elements of your website can you be certain that your website is performing at an optimal level and generating maximum revenues for your business.


There are a lot of duds when it comes to company websites – you’ve seen them. Website designs that are outdated, difficult to use, slow and don’t keep the viewer’s attention are worthless. We are a web design company that specialize in online marketing and custom website design. We make your website pop out from the competition, and we continually test it to make sure that it performs at a high level. Our developers will build you a dynamite custom design to your specifications, which will grow with your business for years to come. Don’t let old, outdated, poor web design slow your business any longer. Contact us today.