A multi language website design is a website that provides content in more than one language.Examples of multilingual websites might include a Quebec business with an English site and aFrench site or a South American soccer site in both Spanish and Portuguese.

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If even only a small part of your clientele speaks a language other than English, you need a multilingual website. Whether your clients speak Spanish, Armenian, or Hmong – or any other language – Social Firestarter is dedicated to helping you reach every one of your potential clients with your message.


Potential clients respond best to marketing in their mother tongue. It says that you care about their business, and they appreciate that care. Multi language website design enables you to penetrate market segments that may still be untouched by your competition. In many North American cities, the communities where English is not pervasive are the fastest-growing communities. Yet these are precisely the communities that offer the best growth opportunities for at least the next decade and beyond. Multilingual websites are more than simply a nice touch – they are rapidly becoming imperative. In a survey of Internet users, 42 percent admitted they never purchase products or services in any language other than their own.

Don’t leave your potential clients with “Google Translate” as their only option. Especially when you are trying to sell or persuade, you need nuanced writing that gives you more than a flat, word-for-word translation. Any sophisticated, legal, or technical language is going to require human translation. Social Firestarter works with professional, human translators to make sure that your potential clients get your full message – with all of its nuances – and none of the mistakes or awkward renderings common to “Google Translate” and other mechanized translations.


Most Internet users search Google using their first language, which means that you are missing valuable traffic if your content is not searchable in multiple languages. Our multilingual websites ensure that each variation of your content is crawled and indexed by Google, ensuring that it will appear in the search engine results pages. We do this by creating a new page for each additional language. For example, the URL of the English version of your homepage will be website.com, and the Spanish version URL will be website.com/es. This way, regardless if a user searches “criminal lawyer” or “abogado criminal,” you will be found.


Don’t ignore a growing segment of your potential clientele. Social Firestarter can offer you a multilingual website plan that helps you reach every one of your potential clients without breaking your marketing budget. If you need to translate content that is already online, if you’d prefer to start anew, or if you’d simply like to discuss your options and learn more about Social Firestarter and multilingual websites, contact us promptly.