Facebook and Social media management is the most rapidly evolving form of marketing today. It is so new, established advertising firms and businesses don’t know how to use it, yet they know they need Facebook to expand their customer base. Some companies have figured out how to put a picture on a business Facebook fan page and get some “likes,” but most certainly don’t know how to get customers out of it. When it comes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and whatever network is coming next, you need young, fresh eyes who have been watching and engaging in this for years. Like SEO, Social Media management is constantly changing and we’ve been doing this since most companies figured out they needed a website.
We not only understand these networks, but we use them constantly in both our professional and personal lives.
We understand the terminology, the specific characteristics of each network and the people that use them. Most importantly, we know how to build a loyal following consisting of not just your customers, but potential customers who couldn’t have found you before. But building the following is only half the battle — we know how to avoid alienating your followers while remaining in constant communication with them.


One of the most common and damaging mistakes made by most businesses is failing to personalize their social media profiles using professionally produced graphics. Would you design your website using Microsoft Word? Well, you shouldn’t take this amateur approach to potential clients with your social media presence either. Today, more people are on Facebook than Google, and they’re looking at your business there. How professional do you look to new customers with your current pages?

The first step we take with our clients is to ensure that they are making a great first impression by creating custom graphics for all of their social media outlets. We’ll ensure your Twitter background, Twitter header image, Facebook cover photo, Facebook profile picture, Google+ cover photo and Google+ profile picture all represent and match your brand. We even create custom landing pages or “apps” on your Facebook page that allow your Facebook page to function like a website. We do this using proprietary software that older firms have never even heard of, let alone learned how to use.


There are websites out there offering to sell you “likes” or followers for your Facebook and Twitter pages. These companies can ultimately hurt you as the likes can be from fake accounts. Similar to Google punishing websites for buying links, Facebook may ultimately remove your account for attempting to cheat the system.

Building a social network on your own is so difficult and time consuming that it’s virtually impossible. Social Firestarter develops a plan that targets the potential customers you want for your business and builds a large following of real fans that never would have known you were there before. These are individuals that fit into your target demographics and geographic areas and ensure that the people receiving your status updates and posts are genuine candidates to actually make a purchase or become a client.


Some companies can make a decent Facebook page, but most still don’t understand “Engagement.”

Social Firestarter’s social media services have mastered the art of social media engagement, a two-way conversation between your business and the people who are following you. Virtually every business uses their social media pages to sell rather than to communicate, which alienates their fans. Posting constant advertisements to your Facebook page and failing to talk about what interests your followers certainly isn’t engaging.

Now, don’t get us wrong; engaging does not mean that you will not generate revenue from your followers – quite the opposite. It simply means that you are not blindly advertising. People use Facebook to connect with friends and family, play games, watch videos and keep up with the current headlines – they aren’t interested in advertisements. With this in mind, and lots of practice, we give your followers what they want – relevant content that places your name in their mind each time they see it. This creates “Top of Mind Awareness” or “TOMA” and engages your fans so that they are interested in what your company has to say. When they need your service or product, you’re already their friend.

Social media is the first form of advertising that actually allows your customers to respond to your messages – the question is, are you listening?


Facebook has more than 1 billion users located around the globe. When launching an advertising campaign, you certainly don’t want to target all 1 billion users – you want to target the users that are in your geographic regions, fall into certain demographics and share specific interests. We fully understand how Facebook PPC advertising works, as well as how to get the most out of your advertisements. Facebook ads can be used to build a following, promote a product or service or direct users to your website – but if the advertisements are not configured and tested properly, you’ll lose potentially thousands of dollars.


Ever noticed how all of the big companies on Facebook have custom tabs at the top of the page that allow them to host contests, stream Twitter feeds, play videos, embed custom HTML objects and much more? Well, when you’re a client of Social Firestarter, you have that capability too! Our social media services provide custom created pages on your Facebook page that serve a wide variety of functions! Frequently we’ll create a custom landing page that users land on when they click your advertisements. This makes the advertisement conversion as seamless as possible.