Owner/Director of Sales
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For almost a decade, Giselle Lazarus functioned as National Director for the nation’s oldest online legal resource and law firm marketing company, working personally with hundreds of attorney-clients. She substantially boosted that company’s bottom line and helped it achieve dominance in a period of fierce marketing competition and economic uncertainty. As a result, Giselle understands how these companies operate, why they fail, and most importantly, what they should have been doing for their clients all along. It’s a lot. Giselle says, “I had hoped to retire with this established company, but I couldn’t continue to represent their business practices, poor results and exorbitant pricing. When I decided to work with attorneys individually, I vowed never to do what they did.”

Prior to those years, Giselle started and sold two companies, learning firsthand what it takes to successfully build a business. She worked with a variety of professionals ranging from doctors and lawyers, to large financial institutions, and employed dozens of employees. As a business owner herself, she understands how critical effective marketing is, and how challenging it can be to find a trustworthy company to handle it.

With her extensive background and her personal familiarity with the unique marketing concerns faced by attorneys, Giselle resigned from her secure position in 2012 and joined forces with Andrew Stickel to start Social Firestarter. Like few others, she understands the precise marketing needs that law firms face, and she’s able to “fill in the gaps” that most advertising “pros” frequently overlook. Giselle has an unshakeable commitment to treating clients professionally and ethically, never overlooking important details or taking marketing “shortcuts” for the sake of her bottom line. She understands that attorneys themselves have their own clients and that the ultimate goal in legal marketing is to reach – and satisfy – that “retail customer.” Giselle’s invaluable insights and expert counsel are an integral part of what makes Social Firestarter a cutting-edge internet marketing company that is innovative, effective, and far ahead of the curve.


Owner/Director of Marketing
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Andrew Stickel combines considerable experience with proven skills in a number of marketing fields. These skills and experience give him trustworthy marketing insights and a unique perspective that clients find invaluable. Since his first year in college, Andrew Stickel has been a savvy, innovative entrepreneur. A native of Baltimore, Stickel started his first marketing venture at age 19, a small concert promotions company in Fort Myers, Florida. It was merely the first of his many successful marketing ventures.

In 2008, Stickel co-founded a full-service marketing firm. As its Director of Operations, he managed numerous marketing accounts and created, developed, and implemented full-service, multi-media marketing campaigns for clients while simultaneously coordinating a number of departments including: web design, graphic design, media purchases, social media, and television/radio copy creation. Stickel worked for and alongside scores of industries, small businesses, and client types, including restaurants, medical offices, law offices, fitness centers, retail centers, and other businesses.

During these years, Stickel gained considerable experience in search engine optimization, web design, and content marketing. Well-versed in all phases of internet marketing, Andrew now brings his broad experience and his variety of skills together to provide clients with the most complete, effective, and cutting-edge social media marketing services available.
In 2012, Stickel sold his share of the marketing company that he co-founded in 2008. With a new vision for comprehensive social media marketing, he moved on to launch Social Firestarter, a new-age marketing firm that is giving companies of all sizes a huge marketing advantage. Social Firestarter helps clients define their brand, personality, and image, and it helps them to market successfully (and often repeatedly) to today’s discerning consumer. With his ample experience and his extensive knowledge of B2C and B2B engagement, Stickel helps businesses transform their social media “followers” into customers and repeat customers, helps company owners maximize their ROI, and provides the counsel, perspective, and innovation that marketers need in today’s rapidly-changing internet marketing environment.