Having a live chat service created and managed by Social Firestarter gives you a real opportunity to reach out to online visitors. Starting a direct, real-time personal conversation with an online visitor lets you take that visitor to the next level – converting the visitor into a client.

Call center operator at workA chatbox lets visitors to your website – potential leads – connect with a real person who can establish a rapport with the visitor, elicit contact information, and allow you or your staff to return the contact promptly. A live chat service gives every visitor to your website an opportunity for immediate, personal interaction and attention, and you can be certain that even as you sleep, your potential leads are getting the attention they need.


A chatbox is a feature that appears on a web page to ask visitors if they need personal assistance. If the visitor chooses to communicate with you, a window opens and a representative uses a script that you have provided to capture the visitor’s contact information and to establish the nature of the visitor’s inquiry. If the visitor chooses not to use the chatbox, it minimizes but remains available. When a chat concludes, you are notified and provided with an actual script of the conversation.
Social Firestarter is committed to helping you create an effective internet marketing strategy, rise in the search engine rankings, and attract new visitors to your website, but that’s not where our work stops. Once those new visitors arrive, the goal is converting them into clients.


A chatbox gives you obvious advantages. The potential client who visits your site at three in the morning may have every intention of calling or emailing you the next day and then forget entirely. A chatbox invites and encourages visitors to contact you right now. A chatbox is easy to use, quiet, private, and it doesn’t “leave a trail” on the visitor’s computer. Social Firestarter’s chatbox is completely secure and ensures the protection of confidential information. A minimum set up fee gets you started. Contact us right away about a chatbox and the many other internet marketing tools that Social Firestarter provides.