Social Firestarter has produced great results with my online marketing. I am a Los Angeles based attorney and I track my internet based intake. Since hiring them my online intake has more than doubled and I pay them about the same as my last two marketers. One of their best features is their monthly strategy meetings on meeting my new case goals. Fabulous.

I’ve worked with Social Firestarter for more than two years and have been very happy with the results. When I hired them, I needed a new website and was not on the first page of Google for any of my most important keywords. Social Firestarter patiently listen to my priorities, built a state of the art website that communicates my law firm’s message and drives new business to my firm. They followed up consistently and listen to my input and made constant strategic adjustments that were both clever & helpful. My firm is now on the first page of Google for all of our important keywords, and we receive many leads each week as a result of Social Firestarter’s hard work. I’d highly recommend them!