Whether you’re a major law firm representing dozens of prestigious clients or just the local comic book store with a clientele of neighborhood teenagers, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive online marketing strategy that doesn’t rely exclusively on any single element. Why? Because people are fickle, tastes change, and the “brand new thing” is always more attractive than “the same old thing.” Remember MySpace? For a brief time a few years ago, MySpace was king of the internet. Since then, Facebook has shown plenty of staying power, and Twitter is still overwhelmingly popular, but the dominance of those sites could change at any time for reasons nobody can predict. Let a professional internet marketing agency help you stay on top of the always-changing online marketing challenges.

Look at the surveys of people regarding their use of social media sites. Several years ago, we were told that “everyone” was abandoning Facebook, and that Flickr and Pinterest were “the next big thing.” It didn’t happen. The next survey implied that Instagram would replace Facebook. A survey of internet users tells us no more than what people are thinking today – you’d have to take another survey to find out what they think tomorrow.

Online marketers need a diverse, comprehensive marketing strategy that puts them on all of the main social media platforms. What’s hot today might be cold tomorrow, and vice-versa, but you want to already be on any social media site that suddenly becomes popular. The best way to do that is to work alongside internet marketing professionals who stay in touch with developing trends and know their way around social media. Moreover, giving potential customers plenty of opportunities and places to find you is the way to cast the largest net. An experienced internet marketing agency can help you establish a prestigious presence on all of the important social media sites. Make the call and consult with some internet marketing professionals today.