Are Facebook Ads Worth The Money For Lawyers?

Are Facebook Ads worth the money? Yes, Facebook Ads are definitely worth the money but you have to remember, Facebook Ads are a tool. They are like any other tool. I mean, a hammer is a tool, for example. You could build something that looks like a two-year-old built it or you could build a beautiful house. It’s the same thing. It is a tool, no more and no less. If you know how to use the tool, the tool being Facebook Ads and if you know how to you know if you know how to target the right people and you know how to get the right message in front of them, then it works really well. If you don’t know what you’re doing, if you create crappy ads and you don’t know how to actually target people properly, then it’s not going to work at all. Teaching you how to do all of those things is a pretty big job.

I actually have an hour-long training video presentation that addresses this very subject. Just go to and that will teach you how I use Facebook Ads, how you target, how you do all the things to make Facebook Ads actually work for you. The video teaches you how to use the tool. It is that simple. Learn to use the hammer and you can take full advantage of it. Because it’s funny, I hear so many people say “Oh, Facebook ads just do not work”. No, it’s like, Facebook Ads work, you just don’t know how to work the ads so go to and that will show you, it’s an hour-long presentation. It’ll teach you how to actually run a Facebook campaign that actually works and actually gets clients for you.