People in all types of businesses are always looking for items that they can brand and give away. They hope this will help potential clients remember them. This is true for marketing companies and this is true for law offices. One item that hit the marketing field in recent years is the branded USB drive. These drives are very small and come in various colors and designs and they are easily branded. We gave the branded USB drive a try. Surprisingly, some of the reasons we tried them, were the very reasons we chose not to use them.

Size Matters

USB drives are small. They are small enough to fit in any pocket, purse, lunchbox, change purse or even the cuff of a glove. Because they are small, they are easily lost. When a person needs a USB drive, they are going to grab the first one they come to. They probably have a five or six in the pencil cup on their desk. They may remember to grab the one they tucked in their pocket and when they are finished with it, they will drip it into the pencil cup in their office. If someone else needs a USB drive, they are just as likely to grab it. The chances of the USB Drive to remain in the hands it was intended to are slim. The chance that when the person you sent it to will remember 6 months from now when they need legal attention to look for a USB drive to call on you is even slimmer.

Attention Seekers

We admit it. We are attention seekers. When we ordered the branded USB drives, we put them in a nice letter with a business card and mailed them out. Postage costs us $3.00-$4.00 each. We got very little return on the investment.

The next option we tried was to use high-end business cards, and some business pamphlets we had in the office. We used the standard, flat USB drives and we created a nice sales packet and sent that out for the same money or sometimes a bit less. This got us more attention and the return on our investment was higher.

Shop Around

There are various items that attorneys can spend their money on that will be well received. Personal injury lawyers may have their information or 24-hour emergency number printed on refrigerator magnets, for example. This is a great item that keeps you visible and they are useful. It is really just a matter of finding the right pieces for your clients.