The Question:

I literally cannot film videos. I don’t have the time. How else can I create content?

Everyone Has Time to Film Videos

Everyone has the time to film videos. The “I can’t do this and I can’t do that,” that kind of vocabulary drives me crazy. Anybody can do anything. It’s just that you’re choosing not to.

Finding Something to Talk About

The reality is that creating content takes five minutes. You pull out your phone, you hold it up, and you talk about something really quickly. If you don’t know what to talk about, just go to “,” type in your practice area, and type in a keyword related to your law firm.

If you’re a family law attorney and you want to talk about child custody, just go to Type in “child custody” and you’ll find literally five hundred questions that are actually real questions. They have been entered into Google and you can just go on and talk about them.

Can’t Hurt Me

I just read this book called Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this book, but since reading this book, I basically have removed the word “can’t” from my vocabulary. That’s just from listening to this guy’s story and what he has done.

I actually heard him on the Joe Rogan podcast and this guy is just crazy in terms of talking about what the human body can actually do. He’s a Navy Seal; and he went through three Navy Seal hell weeks in one year.

The guy runs ultra marathons, hundred-mile races. I think the most he did was a 235-mile race at one time. He ran straight for 35 hours or 39 hours or something like that.

When I hear stories about that and I read about and listen to people talk that push themselves to that extreme, and then I hear “I can’t pull my phone out and record a video,” I just think, then don’t do it.

Deal With the Consequences

But if you’re not doing it, then someone else is going to do it, and they’re going to get the cases and you just have to be okay with that. That’s really all there is. Literally, the phrase “I can’t do it” is a ridiculous statement. Don’t say that. It’s all mental.

Just make a commitment to actually record content and create value, and that’s how you promote your law firm. It’s making a choice to do it. And that’s all there is to it.