Chase Musser: Holly asked a question where she said she notices a lot of personal injury attorneys’ success stories. How about results for estate planning attorneys?

Andy Stickel: For what?

Chase Musser: I’m guessing for your framework or the process.

Andy Stickel: Oh, for the master class?

Chase Musser: Right.

Andy Stickel: Oh, okay. Yeah. We’ve had a lot of estate planning attorneys. Actually, we had a guy a couple weeks ago who sent us an email. So he does my stuff. He actually came to the event. So I think what she’s referring to is I have a training program called the Social Media Marketing for Lawyers Master Class. And it’s basically a coaching program that also has a course. And one of the cool things about it is that we also have a live event, that if you sign up for the coaching program, you also get a free ticket to the live event. So we did one last October and it was awesome. And I think we had 45 attorneys that came down to it. We were supposed to have another one in April, which, obviously, got cancelled. And we were supposed to have another in a week or two but that, obviously, has gotten postponed as well. So not cancelled. They’ve been postponed. But basically, we had a guy who came to that. He’s an estate planning attorney. And he’d been reaching out to me for some help in March just because of all of the craziness that’s been going on. And I gave him some advice. I told him basically what I tell everyone, which is, “Figure out problems that people are having. Offer solutions.” And then I also gave him the advice to start doing the PSA marketing that I talked about quite a bit. And he messaged us at the beginning of May and said that April was the busiest month that he’s ever had in the history of him being an attorney. I don’t have it on video. I’ve got the email somewhere if you want to see it. But he does estate planning. And that was based on what he did. He took my advice and he knocked it out of the park. We’ve got some other estate planning attorneys that have had a lot of success. I know we’ve got a couple of people that are getting leads at $3 and $4 a lead. I can’t think of any specifics off the top of my head just because there are a couple of hundred people in the program. But we’ve definitely had luck with estate planning attorneys.