The question

Any idea if you can use locations with Facebook ads? The whole concept is intriguing to me. 

My answer

Let’s talk about Geofencing.

How to Geo fence with Facebook ads? You can grab an address. So if you’re a personal injury attorney, grab the address of the hospital. If you’re a criminal defense attorney, grab the address of the jail. If you are an estate planning lawyer, get the address of all the funeral homes.

Then what you can do is you can drop a pin on Facebook. You can enter the address. You can say show my ads to anybody who has been within one mile of this location in the last seven days. 

How it works

Basically, the thought process is that if you get arrested, you’re going to go to jail. And your phone’s going to go with you. If you’re logged into Facebook, Facebook knows where you’ve been. 

I’ll create another video one day showing you how your iPhone is tracking every single location that you go to. And I guarantee you that 99% of people have no idea where it is. 

You can drop a pin and you can basically run ads to anyone that you can drop a pin on: the hospital, the jail, the funeral homes, and run ads there.

The problem with Geofencing

Now there is a super sneaky way to narrow things down. The problem is that you can only do one-mile exclusions. You can target anyone who’s been within one mile, north, south, east, and west of this pin. So you get close, but it means you don’t get a hundred percent accuracy. 

A super sneaky way to narrow things down

But there’s a super sneaky way that I’ve figured out a that I’m not going to say right now because I’m actually speaking at the maximum lawyer conference next week in Saint Louis. And I want my presentation to be the best presentation of the day. 

So I’ve got some really sneaky hacks that I’m going to be sharing and I’m going to be revealing this strategy on stage. It’ll be about how you make sure that only people that have been in the hospital and nowhere else. It’ll help you eliminate that north, south, east, and west thing. 

So if you’re seeing this video after June 6th, leave a message in the comments and I’ll share the strategy with you after that.