Business cards are a fact of life for any business. For an attorney, they are very important. Many times, the first time an attorney meets a client, is not the last time. The last thing you want is for a stressed-out client to walk away from a lawyer and forget everything they learned including the lawyer’s contact information.  Of course, you want something tasteful, bright, and of quality. More importantly, you want something that they will not forget. Something that is different than any other.

Plastic Business Cards

You can have bright, well-designed, and beautiful business cards made. But if you are printing them on card stock, they are not good enough. The coolest, attention-grabbing, business cards you can buy are plastic business cards. I prefer the cards on clear plastic cards that look almost futuristic. The colors and designs just jump off the card.

I have handed out my business cards to clients and left. When I go to visit weeks later, they still have my card. It is like, they know the card is special. They know they are not cheap and they do not want to just throw them away.

You Get What You Pay For

I once bought plastic business cards from a low-end printer. I paid around .35 cents each for them. These cards were such low-quality, I refused to use them. I threw them away and ordered them from I do have any affiliation with this company. I just think they do good work. I pay about $1.00 per card. I actually paid more when you add in the .35 I threw away. If you need help with the design of the business cards, do what we did. Go to and let a freelance designer give you a hand. Again, I have no connection to, I just got good service at a good price and I am sharing the information.

If you are having a lot of information printed on your plastic business card, consider a flat finish instead of a high-gloss. The glare will make a very full card harder to read. I prefer putting basic information on the card and using a high-sheen, transparent plastic. It gives the card a futuristic look. There are a lot of options for these cards. The printer will explain what they are.

Things To Consider

  • Plastic cards are waterproof
  • Plastic business cards are tear-proof
  • Plastic business cards last a very long time
  • The cards are thinner than a credit card and will fit in your wallet easily

Allow yourself a little extra time to order these cards. Be sure you have them on hand for your most promising clients.