Moz Local and Yext are automatic citation services. I am often asked if I would use these services. I have explained that I have used Yext in the past. In fact, we used to use them for all of our clients. However, I would not use them now, nor do I plan on using them in the future. As for Moz Local, I have never used any of their paid services. I have used them to search for listings to see what is out there, but nothing more.

Why Did We Stop Using Yext?

When we first used Yext, we were impressed. Yext was impressive. What Yext does is Yext allows you to update all of your business citations so that you just basically have one dashboard and all of your listings get updated in one place. It’s really convenient but the problem is that when things are too convenient typically it doesn’t work out, especially in marketing.

Soon, we noticed a problem. The problem is that they all use the exact same business description. When that happens you end up with a duplicate content issue and Google ends up not counting it, it just ends. The reason you’re doing it is so you can rank in Google and if Google’s not counting it then it doesn’t work. Basically what you have to do is you have to do it manually, unfortunately.

Moz Local

I have never used Moz local other than to search for a listing and see what’s out there. I’ve used it a lot for that but I’ve never actually paid for Moz local so I cannot say either way. I would imagine that they probably run into the same issues with Yext just because Yext isn’t really the problem. The way that Google indexes pages is the problem. So unless Moz local allows you to add a different business description for each page you’re probably going to run into the same issue. Moz, I don’t know. I don’t have the answer but it probably is going to run in the same issue with Yext.

You can click here to compare Moz Local to Yext. You will see they both have pros and cons. For example, Moz Local is only available in English while Yext is available in many languages. Yext will only price you via a quote, while Moz Local has several price packages.

This is one of those things that you may want to try. You will need to keep a sharp eye on things and be sure you are not allowing a problem to build and grow out of control. My recommendation is to let this pass you by, but this is your call. You may want to look around a little, there are other companies making their way to the top too. Technology is ever-growing.