The one thing you said, which is 100% right, is it’s not about fear mongering. It’s about alleviating people’s fears. Because the reality is, like I said, people are very scared. And the reason that they’re scared is because people are scared of the unknown. They don’t know what’s going to happen. So the more information that you can give them and the more credible information that you can give them, the more comforted they’re going to feel. And you have to remember that, when it comes down to marketing and sales and things like that and getting back to why we’re all here, people make decisions based on emotion. And then they justify later using logic. So what does that mean? That means that you are not in the business of selling legal services. You’re in the business of selling emotion. You’re in the business of selling peace of mind and all comforting all these fears and, basically, letting them know that their problems are understood and that their problems are, now, your problems. So that’s one of the biggest things that you have the opportunity right now. You have the opportunity to calm people’s fears. And when you can calm people’s fears with good, solid information, then they’re going to hang on to every word that you say. And they’re going to want to see more from you, and then, eventually, they’re going to want to hire you. And that’s what we’re seeing. This happened for several clients that we’re working with right now. And it’s crazy how well it works. And it’s working in all industries, I mean, even as a law firm marketer. There’s a lot of lawyers that are not sure what to do right now. They’re scared of the future. So basically, I can create content like this that gives you a definitive plan of what to do. And doing that, it calms a lot of people down. It gives you almost like homework assignments rather than just sitting there staring at the phone, waiting for the phone to ring.