Today, I want to talk to you about the following two slogans. “Make America Great Again!” and “Hope And Change!” Both of these are pretty recognizable statements. One is obviously Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” and the other one is Barack Obama’s “Hope And Change!”

Campaign Slogans And Marketing Your Law Firm

So, what do they have to do with marketing your law firm? Well, in my book on page 95, I talk about future-based causes. Both of these are future-based causes. It’s very interesting because people when they think about themselves, they tend to think about the future.

People Worry About The Future

People very rarely have anxiety about the present. They typically have stress and anxiety about the past or the future. Very rarely do they have anxiety about what’s happening right now. Typically, what they think about is what’s going to happen in the future? What’s the worst case scenario that’s going to happen in the future.

Why The Slogans Worked So Well

In my book, I talk about future-based causes. A great example of future-based causes and how you can use it for your law firm is when you talk about the future.

When you focus on the future, on where you’re going to take your client, on what goal you’re going to accomplish for your client, you will have so much more success in getting people to retain you and in getting people to follow your message.

That is exactly why Donald Trump and Barack Obama won. They talked about the future.

Now we’re not having a political conversation here. I’m not going to talk politics. I don’t care what your politics are, I’m just showing facts here. “Make America Great Again!” is a future-based cause. It basically says, “Okay. This is where I’m going to take you.”

Comparing Campaign Slogans

What was Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan? Her campaign slogan was “I am with her.” That doesn’t talk about anything. That’s not in the future.

It doesn’t talk about where they’re going. It doesn’t show the future. There’s no rallying cry around “I am with her.”

But like it or hate it, there is a huge rallying cry around “Make America Great Again!” This is because that is something that a lot of people could get behind and a lot of people did get behind. Trump used that future-based cause to go all the way to the White House.

The Case Of “Hope And Change”

Now, let’s talk about “Hope and Change!” You have to remember that in 2008, we were right in the middle of a huge financial crisis and a war. This was a time when a lot of people needed hope. A lot of people were losing their houses and their jobs, and businesses were going under. The media was scaring the crap out of everybody.

“Hope and Change.” This is the future-based cause that Barack Obama used to propel himself and to start a revolution to get people to vote for him.

John McCain’s slogan was “Country First.” There’s no future-based cause there. “Country First” versus “Hope and Change.” “Hope and Change” wins every single time.

Bill Clinton’s Slogans

You can even go back to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s slogan in 1992 was “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” instead of George Bush’s “Kinder Gentler Nation.” Aww, that’s cute. Now get out of the White House because you’re out.

How about Bill Clinton in ’96. “Build a bridge to the 21st century”? That beat Bob Dole’s “The better man for a better America.” That’s great. I want to run for president, so I’m going to talk about myself.

You can trace this back. There are so many different examples of where a future-based cause will always beat something that doesn’t talk about the future because people’s anxieties live in the future or in the past. People have depression or stress about things that happened to them in the past or what they think is going to happen to them in the future.

How To Use The Future In Your Law Firm Marketing

If you’re trying to get clients and you’re trying to put out a message for your law firm, what you want to do is always be talking about the future. Always be talking about what you’re going to be doing, where you’re going to be leading them in the future and what you’re going to be accomplishing for them.

It doesn’t have to be “Make America Great Again!” But what you communicate with them, you always want to be looking in the future. You always want to be saying “When your debt is gone” or “When you have all this time to spend with your kids.” Talk about “When you’ve got your medical bills covered, and the insurance companies are no longer harassing you” or “When the bill collectors stop calling you.”

That is all future-based, and it will get clients to resonate with you because you’re giving them a glimpse of what the future could be like. It’s a glimmer of hope. That is one of the psychological secrets to getting more clients to hire your law firm.

It’s especially effective during consultations, in marketing materials, on your website, or anywhere else where you can talk about the future. So, that is what you want to do.

Where To Find This And More

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