The question is, do you recommend repurposing your videos to places like AVVO and other places like that, and the answer is yes, absolutely.

My Repurposing Strategy

I repurpose my videos everywhere because you’re creating the content one time, and then there’s no point in doing it over and over again. It’s important to basically get that content one time and then put it in a lot of different places.

And this is actually something that I coach. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I actually do coaching for lawyers. If you go to, you can set up a time to talk to me about coaching if you’re interested in that.

Here’s How It Works

So what I do is this: I record a video and then I send it out to my team, and my team syndicates it to Facebook and YouTube and LinkedIn. It goes to my email list, and it goes to all these different places.

But we also upload it to, and we get the transcript, and then we send it to a writer and we have the writer turn it into a blog post. So, then we can put it on a blog, and we can put it in all these different places. So yes, I’m using this one piece of content and I’m putting it in a lot of different places.

My Upcoming Podcast

Another thing you’re going to see very soon is that I’m actually about to launch a podcast and a part of it is going to be repurposing the audio from this Q&A. This lawyer marketing Q&A is going to turn into a weekly podcast that I do. It would be a law firm marketing question and answer podcast.

Of course, there’s no point in answering the same thing over and over again.  I’ve got to be as efficient as possible with my time, so that’s why I recommend repurposing everything. I get it transcribed and I turn it into a blog post. I probably could do even more than what I’m doing with it.

What You Should Do

Upload it anywhere you can. AVVO is a good place for it, but here’s another thing. AVVO has all those questions and answers, just like Quora. Quora has a ton of questions and answers. What you can do is you can answer questions there and then repurpose that content in other places.  

Basically, anything you do for one platform, you should also do for a lot of different platforms. Make sure to get as many legs or as much mileage as possible.