The question:

Does it matter if we post something on Facebook and Google My Business if it is the same post? 

My answer:

No, I don’t think it matters. We do that a lot for our clients. 

What are Google My Business posts?

Google My Business has these things called posts now. And there are a bunch of different types of posts you can do where you can share products and coupons and all these different things. 

These posts work well

But they’re basically posts that are kind of associated with your business page. And we actually often find that you get more engagement with Google when you do these posts. So we actually do posts for our clients on a regular basis. 

Copying posts from your Facebook page

And a lot of times, we just take a Facebook post that we created and we share it, we just copy and paste it straight from Facebook into the Google post. I’ve never seen any negative consequences of doing this. 

What you should consider doing

If you want to be super paranoid, you probably could do it differently. But we’ve seen good feedback and good interactions. You’re not going to run into duplicate content issues like you might with your website for social posts.