What is going to make somebody join a Facebook group? Start by thinking about what your clients are actually interested in.

Consider people who have disputes about overtime. What are they upset about? What do they want and what do they fear? Also, think about what they all have in common.

An Example: Construction Workers

Let’s say you’re in New York City and you go after a specific type of worker, like construction workers. In that case, you want to create a group that’s going to appeal to construction workers.

In the past, we did one that talked about construction workers’ rights. We currently have a client in New York who is doing some work with construction accidents, and we created a group with him called New York Construction Workers United.

How We Attracted People Into The Group

We ran an ad to a cheat sheet which is simply an eBook. We ran the ad in hopes to get injury cases, not any overtime cases.

What we did is said, “New York City Construction Workers Have Rights.” The key point is you have to figure out what prospective clients want.

I go over a lot of this in my book. If you haven’t gotten my book, you should pick up a copy because I go over all this in figuring out what they want and what they don’t want.

We figured out that construction workers, obviously, they want to stay safe and they want to make sure they get paid on time. This is the info to use when creating a cheat sheet.

I would create an ad that’s advertising a cheat sheet. Not advertising yourself, but advertising your cheat sheet that says, “The Construction Workers’ Guide to Ensuring That You Get Paid Every Single Dime That You’re Owed.”

Or it could say, “The Guide to Getting Paid Every Single Dollar That Your Boss Owes You.” When you do that, you offer to let them download the cheat sheet, “Okay, go ahead and download the cheat sheet. It’s been sent to your email and should be in your inbox. Now, join the New York Construction Workers…”

What To Call Your Facebook Group?

What would you call that Facebook group? It should be something that would appeal to construction workers, like Construction Workers Rights. I know there’s a lot of union stuff as well and we ran into that issue a lot with construction workers.

Another Example: Restaurant Workers

You could do the exact same thing with restaurants. You could create a group on Facebook that’s New York City Waiters, New York City Hospitality Staff, New York City Waiters, and Waitresses, or New York City Bartenders, etc. You just need to have something in there that gets everybody that’s in your target demographic in one single place.

What I Did

After this, you need to go in and provide valuable content, just the way I do it. If you reverse engineer what I did, you can see it clearly. I got a group called Lawyer Marketing and I know I’m going to attract lawyers. Then, I create content that’s useful to lawyers, about marketing because it’s on the topic of marketing.

What ends up happening is that every single month, 50 to 75 lawyers reach out to me and say, “Hey, Andy. I love your content. You provide all this value. I want to hire you to do the marketing for my law firm.”

And then I say, “Well, thank you very much. Unfortunately, I’m not taking any clients.” If I were taking clients, then I’d be able to do that. But that’s the idea.

What You Should Do

You need to create a group that’s going to target the demographic. I would just do it in a very broad way: New York City Construction Workers, New York City Waiters or Waitresses, or New York City Hospitality, etc.

You create a group that’s very broad and targets them. Then you create content. Just think about what they would be interested in, and don’t get all lawyer-y on it either. You’re the one that’s going to put content up every day, just like I do.

How To Use Q&A

I’ve done a few Q&A’s. What I do is I download the video afterward. I chop up every single question and answer it, and I create an individual video for each question.

The great thing is that you’re getting questions that people are actually asking. If you become the authority, just like I became the “attractive character,” so to speak, as Russel Brunson calls it, then what ends up happening is that they want to hire you.

Not just any attorney. They want to hire you because you’re the authority. That’s the idea.

A Quick Review

In short, create a broad group, and the way you’ll get them in there is through this cheat sheet. Once you have the group in there, you can then follow up with tons of content, tons of value, every single day.

It took me less than a year before I had to put up a waiting list for my agency because I had too many clients. In fact, it took me only about four months. It was not hard.

You got to remember, I’m targetting lawyers who are just beaten to death by marketing companies. You’re talking about people who are waiters and waitresses or whoever it is that’s owed money. I’m assuming you work on a contingency basis. So, it’s much easier for you than it is for me.