Ideas to Market Your Law Firm

No matter how long your law firm has been around, or the amount of experience that your best attorneys have, you still have to compete with a ton of other law firms in and around your area. These days, whenever a person is injured in an accident through someone else’s negligence, get into criminal trouble, or find themselves in any other situation that requires the services of a qualified attorney, the first that they do is turn to the internet. What that person types in something like, “attorneys near me,” he or she is going to get more possible lawyers to hire that you can shake a pointed stick at! Try it yourself to see how much competition you have out there. Imagine that person who is looking for a lawyer seeing all those results and having to choose from them. Imagine that your law firm is one of those results. How would you stand out from the rest so that it is your law firm that gets clicked on instead of all the rest? Law firm marketing is the answer, and here are a few tips to help you do just that.

  1.   You Have to Utilize SEO

You might have heard about SEO before but are not quite sure about what it is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to do with making particular changes to the content of a website so that search engines will be drawn to it when people enter certain search items. The ultimate goal is to get your website’s “ranking” as high as possible so that it appears on the first page of a search’s results. Getting to that first page is crucial because most people never navigate to the second page of the results that they get. Of course, this is not so easy to accomplish and requires the services of SEO experts who know precisely what they are doing. There are a ton of ways to measure your SEO success, but the right agency will know the best metrics to track for your law firm and the best way to show you the impact of your marketing budget. 

  1.   The Importance of Quality Content

Once you get potential clients to click on your website, the goal is to keep them there and get them to contact you for a consultation. It is essential that your website contains quality content in order to achieve this; otherwise, your visitors might shake their heads and leave and go straight to your competition. No matter what area of law you happen to focus on, your content should be clear and right to the point. Keep in mind that, in most cases, you will be dealing with regular people who do not understand the legal jargon and will not put up with overcomplicated text. Your content should also be very easy for your visitors to navigate so that they get to the part that concerns them without any hassles.

  1.   PPC advertising can help a lot

 Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great idea that works wonders. PPC is basically a way to pay Google to list your ads at the top of web searches. It works well because it highlights your firm to potential clients, basically making you look great. You can choose to utilize campaigns that target specific potential clients such as those who have already visited your website but did not call you for a consultation for one reason or another.

  1.   Use the power of social media

 We all know how powerful social media has become and not just when it comes to socializing. Just about any business that you can think of is now active on social media and that can make the difference between being profitable and not. Of course, Facebook is the most powerful social network of them all so you should be present on it; but you might want to have a presence on other specific social networks depending on what area of law you focus on. For example, if you focus on bankruptcy and other financial areas of law, LinkedIn is definitely a social networking site that you should be on!

  1.   Email marketing is still around!

 Anyone in marketing will tell you that despite some people thinking that email marketing is dead, it is still very much alive for one reason alone: it works! 

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