If you have been struggling to get clients to leave a review for your law firm, then you aren’t alone.

One of the biggest problems law firms face when trying to improve their web presence is getting positive reviews from their clients.

It’s not because clients don’t want to leave you a review. It’s because it’s too complicated.

Here’s a quick tip to get clients to write your law firm a review.

The Tip That Gets Clients To Write Reviews

At my marketing company, we’ve found that this is one of the most effective ways to get a customer to leave a Google business review. We’ve been able to get multiple positive reviews for attorneys that were never able to get a review in the past.

We did it by making the process simple.

You need to make leaving a review quick and painless for your client, or they won’t do it. The less tech-savvy consumers out there have a tough time with all of the steps it takes to find the right place to leave you a review.

If you cut out these steps, you’re more likely to get a testimonial.

Make Leaving A Review Easier For Your Clients For The Best Results

To get a link to share with your client start by going to Google. Do a search for your law firm. You should find the knowledge graph to the right side of the page. Click on the option to write a review.

This will bring up a box that gives you the option to select how many stars you want to leave. It will also show your name if logged into Google and has an area to type in a review. When the review is written the person just has to click to post. It’s that easy.

When this review box comes up you need to select the entire url and copy it. Now that you have the link, you should shorten it to make it look nicer for your client.

Go to Goo.gl. It’s a url shortener that’s free to use. Paste the url you’ve copied and selected “shorten url.”
This will generate a nice and tidy url for you to share with your client. Simply email them the link.

The best part is if someone is already signed in their Google or Gmail account then they don’t have to do anything but type in the review when they follow your link.

Now Try This Tip For Your Law Firm And Start Getting Reviews

By providing your clients with a simple solution to give you a review you’ve removed the barriers that would have prevented them from following through.

Try this quick tip for yourself and see how it impacts your client reviews!