I just got a review from a client. Actually, it’s for a client from a client of theirs. It’s an awful review, and I think that it’s time that we put an end to these terrible law firm reviews.  

I wanted to create a guide that you can use to send to your clients so that when they write you a review or when they record a video testimonial for you, it will actually be something that’s useful.

How To Get Better Law Firm Reviews

You want to take them through a journey and talk about basically what you did for them, how your law firm was different, how it impacted their life, and what the impact was. A lot of times, people just need a little bit of guidance because they have no idea what to talk about.

So, when you say, “Hey, will you leave me a testimonial,” what ends up happening is that they say “Uhh, I hired the Smith Law Firm and they did a great job. Thanks.” It’s better than nothing, but you can do so much better.

Five Questions

I want to show five questions you can ask your clients to answer when they write testimonials for you. I’ll also let you know why these questions work. If you ask these five questions, you will get much better testimonials, whether they’re written or video testimonials.

1) “What Was The Problem You Had Prior To Coming To Our Law Firm?”

This may be surprising, but a lot of people will not include the actual problem that they had before they came to the law firm in their review. It’s beneficial to people that are reading your reviews to find out what problems you actually help people solve.

2)“Why Did You Choose This Law Firm Over Other Law Firms?”

A lot of people are probably considering your firm and other firms at the same time, so this question helps to tell them what the client found to be better about your firm than the other firms. This just serves as another piece of social proof, but it’s a very nice piece to have in the actual testimonial.

3) “What Made Your Experience About Our Law Firm Great?”

Now, you want them to talk about the highlights of the firm. They’ll say things like “Great customer service. They always return my phone calls.” Those are things that you want people to know about you that they might otherwise forget to mention.

4) “As A Result Of Allowing Our Firm To Represent You, What Was The Outcome?”

Now, there’s going to be instances where there might be confidentiality issues or things like that, so you might have to adjust this question, but you want to get people to talk about the great results that you got for them.

That’s one of the best pieces of social proof you can get. People figure, if you got a great result for somebody else, then you can probably get a great result for them as well.

5) “How Has Your Life Changed Since Achieving The Outcome?”

Now, this is very important because you’re always future pacing. You always want to make sure that whenever you’re talking to a new potential client, you want to talk about how their life is going to be better because they’ve hired you. This is an excellent way to show that people have a lasting positive impact on their lives as a result of the work that you did for them.

Use These 5 Questions To Get Better Reviews

If you use all of these questions, the testimonials that you get will be much better. You can send them in an email form to get clients to write testimonials for you. They can also use these questions as a guide when they record a video for you, which is helpful.

I don’t know why a lot of people don’t do video, but video testimonials are helpful to put on your website, social media, and different places like that.

Go ahead and send this list of questions. You can say, “Hey, listen. For your testimonials, it might help if you could answer these questions. That will typically result in a better testimonial, one that will be more useful for the people that are relying on those testimonials.”