I do not use Fiverr or Upwork people for website copy. Instead, I go to a Facebook group called the Cult of Copy Job Board. There, I put up a posting that says, Hey, I’m looking for a legal writer or somebody who’s experienced with legal writing.

Results From Cult of Copy Job Board

You can get decent people and a ton of messages. And then you can even give a test assignment or something like that. I’ve never found a good writer on Fiverr.

We Have Different Tiers of Content

In my company, we have different tiers of content. We’ve got ‘A’ content which would go on your actual website. And that is the lawyer speaking. That type of content has to be top notch and I have not found anyone on Upwork or Fiverr that has produced that type of copy that’s good enough.

I’ve used Fiverr for content that is not on my website. Maybe for content for web 20 websites or different things like that, but never for anything that can be directly linked as coming from the brain of the attorney.

Cult of Copy Job Board Vs. Craigslist

I use the Cult of Copy Job Board. I used to get writers from Craigslist all the time, and I stopped. I haven’t done it for a while, but I’ve gotten a couple of good writers and we have a writer that’s been with us for six years that I found on Craigslist originally.

So you could try that also, although I haven’t done it for a long time, so I don’t know what it’s like. But Cult of Copy Job Board… You have to have an invite to get in there. But that’s where I get my writers.